John Palcewski (forioscribe) wrote,
John Palcewski



“Tell me, Paulo, how long have you been a meatpacker?”
“Meatpacker? I am a writer!”
“But your appearance suggests otherwise.”
“Delighted you think so. But I'm merely gathering material for a novel-in-progress.”
“What's it about?”
“A metaphysical excursion into re-in-carne-ation, so to speak.”
“Ha! No doubt you are a writer!”
“My girlfriend Chloe—an accomplished actress—suggested to me one day that I can not possibly write about things I have not directly experienced,” Paulo said. “She insisted that If I wish to get into the mind of a cow, I must live the life of a cow.”
“But how is that possible?”
“Ah, I asked Chloe the same question. And she replied, ‘Paulo, you must go to Argentina. You must witness the birth of a calf. Live with that calf in the pasture and barn until it grows up, and is sent to the slaughterhouse. Listen to her moooo in terror before the fatal blow is struck, witness the swing of the sledge hammer to her head. Watch her blood flow to the ground. Watch her being skinned, eviscerated. And then follow her carcass wherever it’s sent.”
“I thought so. But here I am.”
“And what have you learned about the life of a cow?”
“It’s a sadness. In the pasture the animal thinks happy thoughts. But in the end she suddenly concludes life is all ‘une illusion grande, un grand mensonge,’ as Chloe always puts it.”
“The same fate that awaits us all, eh?”
“Exactly. Now if you will excuse me, sir, I must get back to work!”



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