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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Oscar At The Beach




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what beach is this?

Thanks! The beach is on my island of Ischia, located between the village of Forio and Punta Imperatore. It's a long way down via stone steps, and even longer on the way back up!

Be still my heart!
(Is he single?)

Great new icon, by the way :)

(Deleted comment)
How does he feel about Protestants? ;)

Oscar has nothing against religion--as long as folks don't try to force it upon him. Live & let live. Enjoy the moment. Make music, make art, make love. That sums up his attitude.

How is it that you found such a beautiful place to live?

I guess it's a combination of great luck and dogged determination!

Was the final picture taken at a different time of day? How did you get the colors like that?

There are differences in hue and saturation in this series because I tweaked each one separately with Adobe Photoshop, not side-by-side. Another possibility is that my fill flash was more fully charged in one shot than in the next.

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