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John Palcewski's Journal

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La Piccola Principessa

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Lovely! Seems to demand a story to go with it.

Yes, it does. But She Who Must Be Obeyed won't allow it.

I meant a literary story, not a gossipy one. Perhaps She could be persuaded, if you present it as fiction?

As a southern Italian, she's not easy to persuade, so I'm going to let this sleeping dog lie. No, wait. That was a TERRIBLE metaphor. She has absolutely NO resemblance to a dog. Perhaps she's more like a cat, a regal blue-eyed seal point...

And THAT is a lovely metaphor!

A cat like that must of course be obeyed.

I'm saving the relevant Princess story for the book I'm writing about my rather traumatic eight-day ordeal last September in the hospital in Isola d' Ischia, which I'm titling ILLNESS AS BANALITY. I've found a way of making use of a great deal of material in my Word Doc journals.

Well that's exactly what I had in mind in my first comment - a story in one of your books.

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