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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Sunrise at Forio Porto. James watches the crew of the hydrofoil Aliantares prepare for the 0700 departure to Beverello in Naples.

Later at Spiaggia de Chiaia the Hamlet-Polonius sky is filled with a vast assortment of fanciful figures. A camel, yes. And a romping puppy with flapping ears. A giant’s raised fist. A sea horse. The sails of a Phonenician ship. Pegasus. A maiden’s hair flying in the wind.

James says to himself: Look at those morphing clouds. Those rolling green and white waves. Listen to that roaring, hear the shouts of the children splashing and prancing and dancing and digging holes to China. Watch that young woman affect nonchalance as she rises from her blanket bare breasted and walks toward the water with her cell phone pressed to the side of her tanned-dark face. Her black hair blows in the wind. Nearly naked she chats as the waves roar in and churn at her feet. Those breasts are young and ride high, and have not fallen. Yet.

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This passage reminded me of a poem from last year's summer journal issue.

Hello, Cate, if you've run across anything in my LJ that you feel might be right for your (beautiful!) magazine, you're welcome to it. In addition to LJ and my regular fiction & photography sites, I have one more place where 50 images can be seen:


If you'd like, I could send you a list of the stories and images that have been published elsewhere.

Best regards,


John Palcewski
Isola d' Ischia, Italia

Fiction & photography by John Palcewski:
On-line Journal:

Re: Beautiful Magazine

John, thank you! I am absolutely thrilled that you would offer!!! : ) Yes, I would love to use some of your work. The (already late) Spring issue should be online soon, and I've already begun reviewing submissions for the summer. There are so many times I've looked at your photos and thought to myself how perfect they would be for this issue or that. And your writing is spectacular! I envy such a combination of talent. You can expect I will be combing through all of the links you sent me with glee, and please send your list at your convenience. I suspect the hardest part of dealing with your work will be only picking a few things out of so many that I like so very much. I'll e-mail you more about all this later. Thank you again!!

Cate, here as promised is a list of where my stories and images have been most recently published...

Recently Published Fiction by John Palcewski

“Expressive Aphasia,” June 2002 issue of Magaera

“Best Swimmer Drowning,” “Dawn of Civility,” and “It’s Not What She Meant, June 2002 issue of Unlikely Stories

“Memoir,” May 2002 issue of Cyber Oasis

”A Vision,” Pierian Springs, April-June, 2002, Issue IV.

“Oddly Familiar,” Adirondack Review, Summer 2002, Volume III, No. 1

“Who Do You Think You Are?,” upcoming issue of Aileron.

“Ms. Solitude,” upcoming issue of Moonwort Review

“Don’t Ask,” April 2002 issue of Samsara Quarterly

“Donuts & Coffee,” The Affectionate Punch, Issue Fourteen (2001), 35 Brundage Road, manchester, M22 0BY, UK

“The Train Will Never Come,” story, Stirring, Volume 2, Edition 5.

“Pianissimo Major,” story, Electric Acorn, Dublin, Ireland

“His Journey Westward,” story, Electric Acorn, Dublin, Ireland

“Ahab & Ishmael,” story, Electric Acorn, Dublin, Ireland

“Patroness of the Arts,” story, Eclectica

“Dawn of Civility,” story, Eclectica

“A Wild Pig,” story, Amarillo Bay

“Graffito,” parody, Amarillo Bay

Reference to poems published in Evergreen Review

* * *

Recently Published Photography by John Palcewski

“Brad I,” “Ali,” Archipelago, Spring 2002, Vol. 6, No. 1.

Seven photos, including “Ballet Class,” “Joyce Carol Oates,” “Nitrodi Woman,” and “Sylvia Amused,” in premier issue of Tryst3, June 2002.

“The Red Door,” May 2002 issue of Sand to Glass

“Sale Today,” Branches Quarterly

“Respite,” Branches Quarterly

“Mother’s Dream,” April 2002 issue of Samsara Quarterly

“Betty & Jill,” cover photograph, Adirondack Review, Summer 2002, Volume III, No. 1

“Castello Aragonese,” Adirondack Review, Summer 2002, Volume III, No. 1

“Maria,” cover photograph, Samsara

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