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John Palcewski's Journal

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Middle One's Gotta Go

The dentist said I had two options regarding the middle molar. Root canal, or extraction. Didn't take me long to decide on having her pull the damned thing, which will occur tomorrow, Wednesday, August 12, at 1300 hours.

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Years ago, I had a root canal on a molar that the dentist was eyeing suspiciously... He looked at it, and said in the process of doing it, "Hmm... I think there might be a small hairline crack in that tooth, but I'm not sure." He thought it was a trick of the light, perhaps, and it was cloudy on an x-ray. He proceeded to continue to drill out the tooth and removed the deadened pulp. Years later, the tooth was causing me more pain, and I saw a different dentist. New images revealed I had an infection that travelled behind the area where the hairline crack was. It was decided. The molar was pulled.

Whatever happens Wednesday I hope everything comes out okay and that it is over quickly. I will say that compared to the root canal, the extraction was louder but it was over quicker, and I no longer needed to worry about the significance of a hairline fracture that may not have been there.

The only issue I have now is I've been advised to get an implant, because it's a molar -- but that means getting my jawbone worked on first because it's thin. I don't relish that. The cheaper option is a bridge, but that means filing down two perfectly good teeth to fit one and it's not as strong as an implant for a surface that uses a lot of pressure.

The dentist seemed disappointed that I chose the pulling option, but of course I could be wrong. She's a highly intelligent, slender woman of Indian ancestry, meaning India, not Native American, and I suspect that I'm good at "reading" only fellow Caucasians...SOME of the time.

But I've been down the root canal road, and I sure as hell don't intend to go there again, willingly. I'll be glad when it's over.

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