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John Palcewski's Journal

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Around & About in Forio d' Ischia
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Every time I go to Europe, I'm always surprised at how much graffiti there is for some reason. The walls outside train stations in Amsterdam are covered with it, as are warehouses near Geneva. More of the same, here...

How long does it take to drive across the island? Does it have public transit? Ferries?

Ischia is about 25 square miles, and a drive around the perimeter in a car takes about an hour and a half. The bus takes longer, and you have to wait a long time before one arrives. From here you can get a ferry to Napoli here at the port in Forio, as well as at Cassimicolla and Ischia Porto. Also there are boats that go the nearby islands of Procida, Ponza, Ventotene. Also a boat that goes to Pompeii. There's LOTS to see in this part of the world!

It's a good sized island, then. Procida, Ponza, Ventotene, and even Pompeii! Yes, there is a lot to see. Pompeii is on my bucket list.... I hope to see it someday. (Okay, more than a few places in Italy are, because I studied Italian Renaissance Art in art history in university and I said I would make a pilgrimage to see all the artwork and cathedrals I'd studied.)

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