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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Pizza Romana
01 wed f.jpg

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I like pizza but if I were slimmer... :)

I'd skip breakfast just so I could have pizza for lunch!

Making me hungry...

What are popular pizzas there, and how are they different from ones in NYC and Chicago?

Are there pizza types we eat in the US that Italians would point at and say, "That is NOT pizza."?

Here on the island, you can order just about any topping imaginable. Pizza Romana is just basil (green), tomato sauce (red), and water buffalo mozzarella (white), which corresponds to the national flag. New York City pizza is great, but the ones here are baked in wood burning stone ovens, which imparts a very subtle, special flavor. Talking about it makes me hungry again!

Ooh. I love buffalo mozzarella and basil. That sounds really good. And yeah, wood burning stone ovens would make it better. Looking at it, the crust looks different and more irregular than those in NYC, to me... I'm imagining somehow the dough mix and water are different and contribute to a difference in consistency and taste.

Hello you!

What a selfie. Thank you as always. The laptop photo seems like a selfie too, all the more powerful because you are not in it at the moment.

The Fate That Awaits Us All

Thanks for your kind & generous comments!!! I was struck by all those goddamned meds of mine in the loo. I got a flashback to many years ago when I was on an assignment photographing Paris Review editor George Plimpton. I asked if I could use his bathroom, and when I got there I saw a collection of his meds, a dozen bottles, all open, and I thought, jeeeze! The old fart must be on the verge of collapse at any moment. Me? I'm still young, and STRONG, and this will NEVER fucking happen to me! Yep.

Re: The Fate That Awaits Us All

I like the pair, the laptop selfie affirms focus and labor and meaning-making, which I expect to have to do for myself until the day I die because this work is not done for one.

About the meds I feel such powerful mixed feelings-- "oh dear/oh shit" and "so glad to have all the damn meds, some of them really do make the difference that matters."

Hungry for images that deal with this-- wonder if you can get it a wider audience. ;)

Re: The Fate That Awaits Us All

My idea is to just wake up each day at dawn and head out and just shoot whatever captures my attention without thinking about it too much, although sometimes I like to do stuff that is deliberately obtuse and meaningless, just to piss off my imagined enemies, those soul-killing sons of bitches who lurk in the shadows. Then the editing is a sort of thinking through things, etc. Then there's writing, which is altogether another thing. As for the meds, early on some of them gave me weird side-effects, but the good doctor switched me around and now, lo and behold, I'm fine. I'm in awe of medical science, largely because it worked so well for me the past year...and yes, I've got both my fingers and toes crossed.

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