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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Chiami questo gatto!

Several weeks ago this extraordinarily skinny and skittish cat meowed at my door. I gave her some fish. She came back three days later, so I fed her again. Now she comes every day, and sleeps outside on the terrace, near the grape trellises.

She needs a name.

My first choice was Guilia Agrippina, the wanton daughter of Emperor Agustus, who in 7 BC exiled her to the nearby island of Ventotene, which on a clear day I can see from the terrace.

But this name seems too historical/intellectual and out of character. This animal has not a wanton bone in her body.

Any suggestions?

P.S. I'm waiting for a certain girl to respond. Some may know her as Vittoria!

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Mehitabel. That's waht I've named every stray I've ever taken in. Each and every one has had a name change for one reason or another, but it's a fine name for a cat.

Desdemona. or maybe Twiggy, at least until she fattens up a bit. i'd have suggested Cicciolina for a joke, but she's too sweet-faced to joke about -- i like her! looking at the photo makes me want to call out "micio!" and make kissy noises at her. (it amused me that that's what italian cats respond to.)

whatever you decide on, i wish you well together. she looks very lovable.

Ceefer (why did you call your cat Ceefer? - C for Cat of course :)

She looks like a gypsy in colorful skirts with smudges of dirt, the sort who begs for money in airports and public squares. Is the Italian word for Gypsy pretty?

She looks like an Adeline to me.

Bless you for feeding her, she obviously needs it!

I can't name cats very well...one of them named herself, another I named after a DJ on the radio (which actually turned out to be a reasonably good name) and the others mostly came to me named.

She might *have* a name. She might even tell you what it is.

Otherwise, keep her around a few days, and if suddenly you find yourself calling her "Akasha" or something, particularly if she comes when you call her that (cats DO come when called, contrary to popular opinion), then that's obviously her name. :)

Carmella, or something like 'spotted carmel'. i'm not sure how to say it. i don't (yet) speak italian, except for the few very necessary words: please, thank you, beautiful, and various phrases from Dante (though for some reason i'm able to fully understand it because of Spanish, French, and Latin -it was extremely frustrating. i can nearly always read it as well. i just have absolutley no vocabulary and no grammar) so...how do you say 'carmel'? she looks like melted candy.

Mordecai, Ophelia, Ladecai, Anorexia, Shadow, Karma, Nameless

Gigi....definitely a Gigi.

I forgot to add...short for gatto gatto....Gigi.

Eleanor. Solange. Robespierre. Ragazza. Fiona. Aoife. Lucrezia. Stella. Elisabeta. Gattaca (or cattaca). Fitz. Imelda. 006 (after Goldeneye). Olivia. Mathilde.

Sylvia or Isabella have come to mind... hmmmmmmm

Shes lovely...

Ty for taking her in :)

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