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John Palcewski's Journal

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UK Snooker
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My Father's favorite game; in this era he would have been a champion.
Does anyone play snooker now, or if they do, it has to be very few. A lot of pool tables, but then I do not get around to places where there are even pool tables.

Snooker won't ever catch on in the US, but I got hooked when I moved to Italy and got EuroSport on the TV. Now, Ronnie O'Sullivan destroyed all competitors this year, and one of the commentators, a former professional player, referred to him as a "true genius." He gets into a rhythm, and all his opponent can do is sit and watch as he methodically runs the table.

Here's a great article:

When Will Americans Embrace Snooker?
The billiards-like game from the UK is gaining a following worldwide, but it's unclear whether stateside enthusiasts can make Americans take interest.


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