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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Voice From The Distant Past

On page 8, in the 1982 paperback of David Rounds' 1976 novel “Celebrisi’s Journey,” my last name appears. Astonished and somewhat unnerved, I highlighted it. David and I were close friends many, many years ago when we both worked at Doubleday Publishers, on Manhattan’s Park Avenue. Over the years we lost touch. In 1974 my son was born, and I named him after James Joyce’s character in Portrait and Ulysses. David could not have known this.

A web search has brought me David’s address. He lives with his wife, Susan, in Ukiah, California. I have been unsuccessful in locating his e-mail.

Perhaps someone might help.

If not, then I guess I’ll have to use snail mail!


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did you try phone information? believe it or not on a whim i asked for harlan ellison in sherman oaks & it was actually listed.

I already have David's telephone number, but I would--for many reasons--prefer to write first!

what a wonderful synchronicity.
i hope you can reach him.

With his snail mail address in hand, I'm confident I will. But it will take time. I'm still working on Patience. Karma makes sure of it.

You probably mentioned that somewhere in Journal or web, but it will be quicker to ask : is Palcewski of Polish origin, or ?
If there is history attached to it, point me to refs...

oh an by the way, my (only) son's name is Stéphane.

Nostalgia Isn't What It Used To Be

Back in the 14th century a Palczewski (original spelling) was a nobleman who ran Cracow, but back in those days a title was easily and commonly purchased. While my grandfather was Polish, my grandmother was a German by the name of Hoffmann.

Now, my mother, Elizabeth Jean Joyce, traces ancestors who lived in an area between the villages of Cong and Leenane along the banks of the Joyce river, in the Maum Valley to the west of Lough Mask in the northern part of County Galway, Ireland.

During the famine one Jack Joyce was arrested for sheep stealing and was subsequently transported to a penal colony in New South Wales, Australia. His son moved to America, and worked on the railroad.

My mother used to tell me that the family was full of people like her, who loved to sing, play the violin and piano, write poetry, and read literature.

I did a search and I can't see to find much of anything. However a review for a 1999 book mentions that he's a high school teacher in California. This link will give you a list of his books from the Library of Congress.

Many thanks for taking the time to look David up...but unfortunately the link shows me a page that says it's timed out...also the LC site is for staff only, so I couldn't access the catalog...

it's not pretty but it works I think

Full Title Date
[ 1 ] Rounds, David, 1942- Rounds, David, 1942- Cannonball River tales / David Rounds ; illustrations by Alix Berenzy. 1992
Main or Science/Business Reading Rms - STORED OFFSITE CALL NUMBER:
PZ7.R76004 Can 1992 FT MEADE

[ 2 ] Rounds, David, 1942- Rounds, David, 1942- Celebrisi's journey : a novel / by David Rounds. 1982
Jefferson or Adams Bldg General or Area Studies Reading Rms CALL NUMBER:
PS3568.O887 C4 1982

[ 3 ] Rounds, David, 1942- Rounds, David, 1942- Celebrisi's journey : a novel / by David Rounds. 1976
Main or Science/Business Reading Rms - STORED OFFSITE CALL NUMBER:

[ 4 ] Rounds, David, 1942- Rounds, David, 1942- Coalitions. 1970

[ 5 ] Rounds, David, 1942- Rounds, David, 1942- Four and the one : in praise of string quartets / by David Rounds with the help of the Lafayette Quartet. 1999
Performing Arts Reading Room (Madison, LM113) CALL NUMBER:
ML1160 .R68 1999

[ 6 ] Rounds, David, 1942- Rounds, David, 1942- Perfecting a piece of the world : Arthur Imperatore and the blue-collar aristocrats of A-P-A / David Rounds.

Re: it's not pretty but it works I think

You are indeed a cool librarian! Thanks!

Have you tried entering his phone number into Google? That usually provides the address, if it's not a cell phone number.

Thanks, yes, I have his telephone number and address, but I'd like to get his e-mail because snail mail is too slow and I'd rather not call first....

Understatement of the year:

That is pretty freaky.

Though I assume he knew on some sort of conscious level that you had a fondness for Stephen, yes?

Re: Understatement of the year:

When David and I were friends at Doubleday my literary leanings were minimalist, as in the early short fiction of Hemingway. If I had a son then I'd probably have named him either Ernest or Nick. My life-long passion for Joyce began a few years later...

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