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Celebratory Cigar On 75th Birthday!
birthday boy.jpg

birthday boy 2.jpg

birthday boy 3.jpg

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Hello, and slightly belated Happy Birthday!

I did the fb friend request because I see you are not here often any more – and I even less often. I do enjoy your photos and occasional tales.

Edited at 2017-02-28 08:05 pm (UTC)

You're right about my sporadic posting here. It's because for the past months I've been deep into writing a memoir, and going back a half century to my childhood and early adulthood is, for the most part, unpleasant and traumatic. But I force myself to keep plowing through it, because sooner or later, it'll finally be done.

Ha, that's one of my excuses too!

I rather like the fact that ALL of my tormentors are dead and buried, and I stand smiling at their graves, unzipping my fly....

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