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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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What's Your Sign?






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we all know pisces is the greatest.

Can't argue with that assessment!

that's brilliant! i love the photos. who are these young people?

Colin, a sophomore at Harvard, and his cousin, Heather. Colin is on summer assignment from a travel book publisher to write about the islands of southern Italy. He says Ischia gets a thumbs up.

sophomore at harvard on summer assignment from travel book publisher! This guy has got it figured out.

*side note* was talking with friends over the weekend about chartering a sailboat in the Med sometime in the next two years...just drunken dream talk now, but if / when it happens i'll let you know. I'd love to see this place and maybe meet up for a sail...

Drop me a line when your plans are firm & I'll give you a tour!

Wow! Now there's a person whose livejournal I'd love to follow, if he had one...

Darned gorgeous kid, too. I love those sculpted features.

Tangentially... I am about to circulate a meme about saying who ones favorite LJ writers are, and why. Mind if I list yours as one of my faves?

No, I don't mind...rather I'm flattered, so thanks!

When we last spoke Colin said he used to have a LiveJournal account and just might get another one, and I told him when he's ready to just give me a buzz since I've got plenty of codes.

When or if he does, I'll be sure to let you know!

Thank you! I would like that very much.

I've always been fond of signs that read "Cocktails."

Oh, you mean sign of the zodiac!

I'm a Frank, known outside LJ land as Capricorn.

nice pics says the another 'Pisces'...


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