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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Book II is UP!
I'm happy to announce that the second book of the Vittoria's Island trilogy is now up and running, here

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Many thanks! I continue to enjoy peeking in at your quest for Mr. Right...or at least Mr. Good Enough for Now. You have the best approach, which I share. And that is cheerfully plugging on, day after day. And NEVER giving up!

ha! It is an entertaining process for the most part although I never thought I'd be doing this at this stage of my life. I thought I was going to be married, settled etc. but somehow my life never turns out the way I predicted it would. Ah well, I'm just along for the (rollercoaster) ride. *grin*

Congratulations. This is quite an accomplishment, you should feel very proud.

More like a deep but quiet satisfaction knowing the truth of what Trollope once said: "Dogged is what does it, lad."

Just gorgeous! (as always)

Kind of you to say. Thanks!

Bravo, and I'm just buying some more Internet time ! for reading all I want to read.
Have been very quiet lately, can't stand the heat here or the noisy beach crowds !depresses me.
I think I also need a mr.Good-enough sometimes ;-)
Fires are blazing all over the Var and Provence, right where my son lives - very frightening.

Thanks. BTW, in the Hamlet quote in your bio the words "our philosophy" appear in the First Folio ms, but "your philosophy" shows up in later versions. I prefer the former, as it more closely mirrors the friendship between Hamlet & Horatio...

Oh I love when someone goes into finer points like that !
I find it so rare. Thanks for pointing it out. I'll keep it in mind. The story is due to appear in a book.

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