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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Breaking News. Film at Eleven.


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That's exactly what I said!

Nice picture of you, and for some reason I really feel like a nice big glass of milk right now.

THis story is only going to get bigger I think.

I suspect that, any day now, we'll be seeing this story on those magazine shows such as Entertainment Tonight. I can't imagine them ignoring it.

Yes, the thing has caused quite a stir on this sleepy little island...

interesting. let's hope something's going to happen now.

and oh, someone tell that journalist that it's illegittima with just one 'g'. sorry John, professional bias here ;)

all the best!

Many thanks for catching that error. As you can see from my more recent entry, the mainstream Italian media is better at spelling. Please send me a post telling me how much you would charge for a translation of that piece...and if you can receive payment via PayPal. --John

is this a case of life imitating art?
and i've only just woken up and caught it

I can *almost* read this. But, given that I only took about a half a semester of Italian, I guess that isn't surprising.

I'm not fluent in Italian by any stretch, but I can get the gist on my own. Plus all my friends are eager to tell me what it says!

how exciting! i would love to read the article (my eyes can't make out the smaller print), but i get the idea from the headline page. please let us know what happens next, what kind of reactions you get to this.

Thanks, yes, I will keep everyone up to date on the latest developments.

That is really something.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, nothing beats a ripping yarn.

Five years ago if anyone told me I'd be on the Island of Ischia doing what I'm doing right now, well, I'd never believe it...

Great product placement, huh?

But wow! I don't speak that much Italian, but I got the gist. Congrats on a big scoop!

Who's going to translate that for those of us uni-lingual people?!

The Q & A interview Oscar pantalone did with me appears in English translation a few pages down in my Live Journal...and I'm working on getting a translation of the Corriere Della Sera piece as well...

Awesome! I must have missed that.
I cant wait for your translation also. :-)

Jay Leno, here you come. The story's got illicit sex between movie stars and an American angle in its uncovering - how can they resist?

How wonderful for you :)


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