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Here, generously provided by t_pot, is an English translation of the previously posted article from Corriere Della Sera, 20 agosto 2003.

The story of an american short-story writer triggers curiosity on the isle. And it's already a Maria-hunt.


ISCHIA - "I am an american short-story writer and I'm following in the tracks of the illegitimate daughter of Sofia Loren." This piece of news, thrown in a banner headline, has obviously shaken the green isle. "Is Sofia Loren's illegitimate daughter at Ischia?" This was the question posed by Il Golfo, a newspaper directed by Domenico Di Meglio; in yesterday's edition it featured an interview with John Palcewski, american, photographer and eccentric writer of short stories, who speaks of a certain Maria, possibly the daughter of the famous Sofia. Palcewski has lived in Ischia since 1999, collecting material to make an 'imagenovel trilogy': the first two books have been already finished, and the third is close to completion. Palcewski's interviewer is Oscar Pantalone, a professional photographer, who in his foreword tells how he met Palcewski last June and how they instantly became good friends. In the interview, the american writer mentions that for a minor surgery, Maria needed blood from either one of her parents: "But when she asked her father, he refused," says Palcewski. "And he said also that her mother could not give blood either. He finally admitted that he was not her biological father and that her mother was a famous Italian movie star, who had conceived her while making a film entitled 'Ieri, oggi, e domani.' Sofia Loren indeed." Palcewski tells his interviewer (who obviously asks what leads him to believe this is a true story) that he has investigated the whole matter for a long time and that he has put together a collection of clues which-- to use a common phrase-- amount to evidence. Truth or fiction? A good writer never tells. Meanwhile, this mysterious story has invaded the whole isle."


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