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John Palcewski's Journal

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Professional Window-Closer Bristles!

Originally published on August 25, 2003

Sophia + Marcello = Maria?

Italian beauty Sophia Loren, the illegitimate child of actress Romilda Villani and Riccardo Scicolone, may have had a bundle of secrecy herself.

Or so claims John Palcewski, an American short-story writer. Palcewski told an Italian journalist that his girlfriend, Maria, who lives on the island of Ischia in the Bay of Naples, is the daughter of the screen legend.

"[Her father] admitted [to Maria] that he was not her biological father and that her mother was a famous Italian movie star who had conceived her while making the film 'Ieri, oggi e domani' ['Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow']," Palcewski told the Italian press, citing a Loren film that won an Oscar in 1965 for Best Foreign Language Film.

"Her co-star and lover was Marcello Mastroianni." [Mastroianni's only child, actress Chiara, was born to Catherine Deneuve.]

Sources in Loren's camp bristle at the accusation.

"She has no daughter," an irate woman at Loren's Switzerland digs told us over the phone. She would not give her name but explained she was employed to "clean the house" and "close the windows."

"People are crazy," the professional window-closer went on. "There are a lot of sick people who say they are her husband or child. Once a black lady claimed she was the daughter of Sophia Loren!"

Loren, the indisputable mother of two boys, writer/director Edoardo Ponti and conductor Carlo Ponti Jr., was unavailable for comment. Her U.S.representatives said she is in Europe and unreachable.

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It sounds like you're causing quite a stir there. ^_^ Congratulations!

so she would be your mother in law, so faar....!

If she's anything like Maria, look out!

The quotes from Loren's "digs" made me laugh!

Employed to "clean the house" and "close the windows"? JUST WHAT IS SHE TRYING TO HIDE?

I trust that all the eager and hungry newshounds will soon get to the meat of this.

(Deleted comment)
Well, Vittoria's Island remains a work of literary fiction...but now with a rather solid connection to the surprising events that came to light recently! Glad you are finding it of interest.

(Deleted comment)
When I began this I was under the illusion that I was in full control. Now my head is spinning. The metaphor that springs to mind is a recollection of being on a wood bridge over a creek, and watching a little leaf being borne along by the cold, swift current.

I aspire to be a professional window-closer. What a job. I wonder what qualifications are needed?

By the way, all these articles are really cool, good work John :)

Thanks, Paul. I guess if you're going to close windows for someone like Sofia, you carefully memorize the lines of a nasty denial and deliver them whenever anyone calls asking questions you know La Prima Donna does not want to answer!

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