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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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(no subject)


(More photos of Maria may be seen here.)

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Wow, is that one of your photos? What a stunning creature Maria is.

Yes, and yes. I was captivated by Maria long before this adoption thing came up. Thanks.

I can understand why. Thinking good thoughts for you both...

BTW, more photos of She Who Must Be Obeyed can be seen here.

She really is very beautiful and very Italian. I suppose it was only a matter of time before you had to go public with the whole mystery.

Yes, I tried for a year to contact Sophia privately, but failed. As I say, this is a sad and painful story for all concerned.

dio mio, quanto è bella. i could read the parts of the page where the lines were complete. very interesting. i wonder if mastroianni knew, and if he would acknowledge her, were he still alive.

That's a good question. But then, we'll never know. I like to think that he would because at least on screen he appears to be a compassionate and kind man...


Vittoria, Vittoria, Vittoria, or should I say Maria. Amazing and beautiful. Words could never describe her.

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