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Spiaggia di Chiaia di luna, beach of the shining light of the moon, on the Southern end of Isola d' Ponza, a remote island west of Gaeta.

The narrow beach at the foot of a massive curved vertical cliff is accessible only by boat, or through a tunnel dug by ancient Romans. Out there in the water is a dark, craggy formation that closely resembles Ulysses Rock, off Punta Imperatore in Ischia.

Its significance? About 40 years ago Vittoria's mother and father swam out to that little island. Back then the elegant white stucco buildings of the Grand Hotel had not yet been constructed. The beach was empty. Alone they watched the waves rolling toward the shore. Soon he took her hand. They kissed on the lips for the first time. Forty years ago this seemingly commonplace act carried much more significance than it does today.


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