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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Breaking News
The National Enquirer, page 3


--Photo courtesy of Brooke Binkowski, CNN Atlanta

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I don't know whether to cheer or weep, considering that it's the Enquirer...


Brilliant! The story is now major league.

I predicted Jay Leno - you got the National Enquirer. Ah, well. Isn't that the paper with the alien abductions?

Yes, it is. But I look at it more as a bridge than a destination.

Are you kidding? The Enquirer breaks all the great stories. It's totally seamy and often unscrupulous but its people know what they are doing. No aliens there.

You know, they had Sophia on The View the other day, and I thought of you guys.

I wonder if a letter from you to one of the women would get some answers ? I know from what she says, that Star does read her email . . .

I understand that on the View show Sophia's friends were concerned that she appeared to be "a tad disoriented."

I've never seen View, but sending one of the hosts a post might be a good idea. Can you supply an email address?

Again, many thanks for both your interest and kind words.

These are links I've found upon their site, I've never personally emailed them. I just love the show though! It's very open and honest, hope one of these links will help!



Each Co-Host also has their own email -


Good luck!

Thanks! I sent an email to Star. Let's see what happens.

Please let me know what comes of it. I'm hoping she gets back with you. She was/is an attorney and seems to be quite fair.

I keep watching the show to see if they'll talk of it, but hard to watch every day with four kids. Lots of running for me!

Good luck!

Four kids will keep you verrrry busy!

So far, no response. But I'll be sure to let you know if I hear something. Thanks.

this is getting out of hand!


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