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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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Maria, Petulant

Love Child

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you're so prolific!

what's your secret?

It comes after first making a total commitment to your art, and then each and every day for a couple decades write something, even if it's a whine about how much you don't feel like writing that day. Plus, find an artist you love and study him/her closely for the same couple of decades. As it happens, my hero is James Joyce. Plus I'm distanly related. My mother's name was Elizabeth Jean Joyce and a great-great-grandfather named Jack was transported from Dublin to a penal colony in New South Wales for sheepstealing during The Famine. Anyway, that's my windbag answer to yer short question!

Re: Total Commitment

Ah yes yes!
I live and die for JJ.
I'm obsessed w/him.
For some reason,
his niece lives
in a nursing home
a few blocks from
my apartment.

Hmm: though I write every day, maybe I don't feel like I write enough every day?
Yes, I think that is the problem--need a few more hundred words, a few more hours devoted.

If you aren't already a member here's a Joyce list that is populated with the heavy hitters among the Joyce scholars in academica, as well as a significanat number of well-read and articulate non-academics and fans. All of us share a life-long passion for JJ, and that's what informs the discussions. The current project (which I reluctantly had to decline to join because of my involvement in the Maria book) is a read-through of Dubliners. But all aspects of JJ's works are freely discussed. Enjoy!

Joyce-Ulysses group info:(Files/Archive/Member settings)
Joyce info site:

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