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John Palcewski's Journal

Works In Progress

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A Work In Progress

Love Child of the Stars

Maria Looking Up

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yes, that would definitely interest me and make me want to read more. so well written! i like Angel best, among the photos, though i also like the b&w profile.

Many thanks for your comments, glad you find Love Child of interest. Angel is among my favorites, too.

I really love this photo, that would make a great cover. I also love the bubblegum one, but not for a cover I think. This one absolutely.


Thanks, I'm drawn to the bubble gum shot as well because it's a departure from conventional portraits. And it's appropriate for Maria since she, herself, is a departure from the conventional!

"At Trexlar" or "Reclining", for photos. And yes, would definitely want to read more. :)

Thanks for your comments. At Trexler is the shot The National Enquirer picked to accompany its story about this melodrama.

"Angel" or "Reclining", and yes, I'd love to read more :)

I appreciate your input, thanks. Reclining appeals to me because it takes me back to some verrrry happy times, before these unexpected and bizarre events began to unfold! Little did we know.

I think "What Might Have Been" for the cover, although you definitely have to put the bubble gum picture in the book. That picture makes me wish I were a piece of bubble gum. Heh. The first chapter definitely does make me want to read more. When is the next installment? :)

The photo that you have on this entry is a very nice one. I'm rather partial to 'At Trexler' and 'Angel' as well.

Of course this opening would entice me to read more but I might be biased since I've been reading through everything here and am thoroughly addicted to the story thus far.

Amanda, nice of you to say. I hope a publisher feels the same way!

The one above or "At Trexler," are the two that I think would be most effective as a book jacket.

Certainly the story gets rolling immediately. Very clear voice. If this was fiction, I'd say you have a potential bestseller.

As it is a true story involving a world-renown and beloved actress, this will sweep the globe and become one of the top NEWS stories of the year (barring any more pop star scandals, of course).

Thanks, penpusher, I hope you're right...

Yes, I'd want to read more.

'Angel' which is gorgeous for the cover, or 'At Trexlar' which looks like a movie star. The one above makes me feel uncomfortable, as though she's showing me some skin on purpose but doesn't really want to. Whereas 'in the car' which is my all time favourite of her, has a more natural feel to it.

Livus, thanks for your comments. What's fascinating to me from a photographer's point of view is that Maria appears to have the capacity to assume a different appearance and personality every time I raise the camera. At the beginning I thought it was just chance, but now I'm starting to realize it's entirely deliberate.

I've noticed that, insofar as she seems like quite a different person in some of them than she does in others. I think I like 'Angel' because it seems most like the Vittoria I'd come to know through your jnl.

Yes, I would very definitely read more; a good opening. And I like the Angel photo for a cover.

I'm glad you'd like to read more, thanks. Angel seems to be getting a lot of votes.

John, I remember having this thought about medical plausibility of Giovanni's refusal when reading the story of Vittoria, but it's another thing for a nonfiction... Though being quite ignorant in medicine, I believe that only the blood type and its rhesus group should be compatible for a transfusion, which by itself leaves an ample possibility that the blood of at least one of the adoptive parents is compatible. Therefore lack of any hesitation from Giovanni's part means that he already knew about the incompatibility. But if he knew, how come he could not foresee this situation? (Or that another medial hereditary issue comes up, as it does in case of cancers and diabetes, to name a few.) If he really wanted to conceal the adoption forever, he would have provided himself and Restituta - in advance - with a plausible and dignified medical excuse, such as some heart condition, not necessarily an infection.
But again, all my "reasoning" may very possibly sound nonsense to a doctor's ear...

Highly Private Matters

Many thanks, Maria, for your thoughtful comments. The great problem I've faced all along in this story is that most of the principals are reluctant to speak openly about these highly private matters, especially to an outsider like me. I'm left to speculate as to their thought processes, reasons for various decisions. Giovanni, I think, simply didn't anticipate the medical issue. But of course I can't ever know that for sure.

John, sorry for the offtopic.
My LJ friend organized a photo-mob event at 0 GMT tonignt - in less than 4 hours. You are very welcome to participate (or anyone willing). Some details in English are here: http://www.livejournal.com/users/vrml/37666.html
And sorry for the short notice!

Maria, obviously I missed this opportunity because my computer was down for a while, but nevertheless many thanks for the invitation!

Look- I know you don't know me, and I haven't commented much before, but I have been following this for awhile.

I had a thought- it might be really fascinating if the story were told entirely from your point of view- with you as the narrator- hearing the stories from Maria that you weren't privy to- that way, you could include all the material that she gave you that wasn't true, as well as reveal what had actually happened- you could perhaps include chapters that you show her, and then have her tell you that this or that was well written, even if it wasn't true.

Anyway, it's just a thought- it's your baby. Keep up the good work.

Her Mother's Daughter?

That we don't know each other makes your comments especially useful and valuable! Many thanks, I really appreciate your input.

As for the point of view, I wrote the synopsis in the third person because somehow the first seemed too awkwardly self-indulgent. The chapters themselves may seem like third person as well because I've kept the "I" to a minimum, but that's me telling the story.

Maria's impersonations and fabrications are intriguing but nevertheless difficult to handle because they call into question the legitimacy of the Sophia maternity claim. But then on the other hand, Maria's acting and role playing didn't come from anyone in her extended family. It slightly tilts the nurture vs. nature question, eh?

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